Key Themes
Covid-19: building a more resilient Europe

How can Europe prevent and act promptly to efficiently manage COVID-19 and future waves?

Financially Sustainable healthcare and innovative medicine

How can Europe promote financial viability in healthcare systems?

Technology driving patient-centric

How can patient-centric healthcare be better integrated in health policies across Europe? 



Technology Enabling Equal Access to Healthcare

What forms of cooperation are required to speed up the digital healthcare transformation between businesses and governments?


Refocusing on Mental Health

How can we refocus the attention of policymakers on the importance of mental health to ensure that it remains high on the European agenda? Can technology help us to revisit the way we consider mental health in Europe?

Bolstering European healthcare globally

How can Europe bolster healthcare through trade practices?

Ethical Access to Data in Digital Health

What forms of cooperation are required to speed up the digital healthcare transformation?

"For a successful digital transformation of the health care system an effective strategy, political leadership and a dedicated institution at national level are required.”  Thomas Kostera
Bertelsmann Stiftung
"Anyone who uses data in the health care sector in Europe should be able to rely on jointly agreed regulations based on the basic data protection regulation." Jens Spahn
German Health Minister
"Fragmentation makes us more vulnerable. We need to pool resources, if we don’t pool resources we are weaker,” “There is now a realisation that nobody can deal with this public health crisis alone.” Stella Kyriakides
European Commissioner for Health